EFT Supervision

As a certified EFT therapist and supervisor in training I genuinely enjoy coming along side those who are as passionate as I am about learning this amazing therapeutic model and healing modality. I have not only trained in EFT, EFIT & EFFT I have also been working tirelessly over the pandemic to learn and grow in my understanding of how to show up and be explicit about issues regarding racism as well as issues that impact marginalized people groups when it shows up in the couple relationship and I practice owning my own power and privilege in the therapeutic relationship. It is my core belief that everyone deserves a safe place to heal and grow. I have an open feedback policy wherein I welcome your feedback. I encourage you to let me know if something doesn't feel right for you or you feel I am misunderstanding you. This helps me better help you. 

My style of supervision reflects a great deal of my style in therapy. I utilize my intuition to focus our work and collaborate with you on your integration of the model as well as your personal growth in your view of self as a therapist. 

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